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Last Resort

How do you investigate a murder in a remote mountain village in India?
This is a question washed-up journalist Harsha Devnath has never had to ponder - until now.
A cosy university reunion in a mountain resort is thrown into chaos after the murdered and mutilated body of a cleaner is discovered.
With only a disgraced police inspector and a clutch of hostile and terrified villagers to help, Harsha and his friends have to find out which powerful local honcho is behind a horrific crime that threatens to pull apart the delicate social fabric of this forgotten corner of India.
If they succeed in finding the killer, Harsha would not only uphold the law, but also find redemption.
That is - assuming the law actually reaches this far into the Indian countryside...

Last Resort - 3D Mock Image.jpg
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southern echo mock image png.PNG

Southern Echo

It was the story of a lifetime
It started off as a well-meaning story about a hotel chain’s poor treatment of a transgender employee in the sleepy town of Chennai in South India.
But after a senior civil servant and prominent advocate for transgender rights is found brutally murdered, rookie journalist Harsha Devnath finds himself trying to land the biggest scoop in his newspaper Southern Echo's short existence.
As he navigates the unpredictable chaos of urban India, he faces a variety of dangers including volatile police officers, corporate hitmen and awkward first dates. Soon, Harsha realises it’s not just his story at stake -- but his very life.

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