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Harsha Devnath Mysteries


  • Last Resort is a culmination of seven years of work - it is my attempt to build on the murder mystery genre in South India and to combine social commentary with a juicy thriller. 


    A cosy university reunion in a mountain resort in India is thrown into chaos after the murdered and mutilated body of a cleaner is discovered. Washed up journalist Harsha Devnath and his friends suddenly find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation, with only a disgraced police inspector and a clutch of hostile and terrified villagers to help.

  • Southern Echo is the sequel. Harsha is back in the bustle and unpredictable chaos of his hometown Chennai, where he faces a variety of dangers including volatile police officers, a corporate hitman and awkward first dates.

    Click on the book if you'd like to spend your next few evenings being spooked, amused and enthralled in equal measures. Available on Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

    If you would like to sample my writing first, get the FREE prequel to Last Resort and be the first to know when my NEXT book is released by clicking below. The prequel, Joint Study, is a dive into Harsha and his friends' past exploits as students: when they first started righting the wrongs of the world around them and formed a bond that would last through their lives. 

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